Data Definitions


For protocols: Value of all coins held in smart contracts of the protocol

For chains: Sum of TVL of the protocols in that chain


Total fees paid by users when using the protocol


Subset of fees that the protocol collects for itself, usually going to the protocol treasury, the team or distributed among token holders. This doesn't include any fees distributed to Liquidity Providers.

This definition of revenue doesn't match the definition used in traditional finance, where revenue would be what we define as fees instead.

Token Holder Revenue

Subset of revenue that is distributed to tokenholders by means of buyback and burn, burning fees or direct distribution to stakers.


Value of gov coins that are staked in the protocol's staking system

Annual Operational Expenses

Operational costs for salaries, audits... througout the year. We collect this data mainly from annual protocol reports on their forums, so it's always referencing old data and likely to be outdated up till 1 year.

Total Raised

Sum of all money raised by the protocol, including VC funding rounds, public sales and ICOs.

Active Addresses (24h)

Number of unique addresses that have interacted with the protocol directly in the last 24 hours. Interactions are counted as transactions sent directly against the protocol, thus transactions that go through an aggregator or some other middleman contract are not counted here.

The reasoning for this is that this is meant to help measure stickiness/loyalty of users, and users that are interacting with the protocol through another product aren't likely to be sticky.


Value of coins held in ownership by the protocol. By default this excludes coins created by the protocol itself.

Token Volume

Sum of value in all swaps to or from that token across all Centralized and Decentralized exchanges tracked by coingecko. Example: for SBR this was all the volume done on SBR/ANY pairs on FTX, Serum...

Data for this metric is imported directly from coingecko.

Token liquidity

Sum of value locked in DEX pools that include that token across all DEXs for which DefiLlama tracks pool data. Example: There's a SOL/SBR pool on Orca (Solana DEX) with 25k of TVL on that pool, so this 25k counts towards the liquidity of SBR.

Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV)

Fully Diluted Valuation, this is calculated by taking the expected maximum supply of the token and multiplying it by the price. It's mainly used to calculate the hypothetical marketcap of the token if all the tokens were unlocked and circulating.

Data for this metric is imported directly from coingecko.


Volume traded on the DEX, this metric is only applicable to protocols that are DEXs (in this case only Saber), and it's just the sum of value of all trades that went through the DEX on a given day.


This is just a manually curated list of events that impacted the protocol. The reason why we display this is just to help the user understand the reason behind changes in the protocol metrics.

Example: When there's a hack that causes a sudden drop in TVL we add an event at that date explaining that a hack was the reason why TVL dropped.

Median APY

Median APY across DeFi pools tracked by DefiLlama that include a given asset. This is calculated by finding all pools for an asset, then sorting them by APY and finding the median weighted by TVL.

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