Helper functions

Custom backfill

For situations where the fetch function can only return totalVolume and can return in based on a timestamp you can use the customBackfill function that can be found in volumes/helper/customBackfill.

Obtaining data from subgraphs

If the data is available in a subgraph and it follows a structure similar to uniswap, you can use the folling helper functions to easily query it. More docs about it to be added soon but for now... take a look at other implementations!

  • getChainVolume from helpers/getUniSubgraphVolume

  • getDexChainFees from helpers/getUniSubgraphFees

  • getDexChainBreakdownFees from helpers/getUniSubgraphFees

Or simply use the function univ2Adapter to create an adapter with a couple of lines of code. See an example here.

Exact day timestamp

Some data sources are only able to return data given a 00:00:00 day timestamp. In that case you can use the function startOfTodayTimestamp to get the timestamp of the specific day. For example passing 1663718399 (2022-09-20T23:59:59.000Z) timestamp will return 1663632000000 (2022-09-20T00:00:00.000Z)

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